Boating Atlantic 2022

Thinking of importing boats for resale?

Thinking of importing boats into Canada for resale?

If you are, check before purchasing to find out if the boats are fitted with HIN (Hull serial number), Canadian Compliance Notices and supplied with Transport Canada Declaration of Conformity.

If there is no Canadian Responsible Officer(CRO)/Importer is on record upon a search of a MIC (Manufacturers Identification Coade) the following actions must be taken to legally import these vessels for the purpose of sale.

1.) Completion and submission of a Request for a Manufacturer Identification Code(MIC) form 80-0008. Please note that a MIC issued by the United States Coast Guard to a U.S. manufacturer is recognized in Canada by reciprocal agreement.

2.) A letter will be issued to the Importer from Transport Canada either issuing a Canadian MIC Code or a MIC assigned to the manufacturer in its country of origin (when applicable)

3.) A Declaration of Conformity(DOC) form 80-0009 must be submitted for every serial model or specific vessel to be sold in Canada.

4.) Transport Canada reviews the DOC for completeness and compliance with the Small Vessel Regulations. Further Clarification may be sought. Upon acceptance the importer will be issued a letter accepting the DOC.

5.) The Importer must ensure a copy of the DOC is provided to the buyer at the time of initial transfer of ownership.

6.) Annual Production Reports (APR) form 80-0010 must be submitted annually by March 31st for all serially produced models propelled or designed to be propelled by an engine.

The link below provides access to all of the referenced forms along with links to downloadable versions of the Small Vessel Regulations and TP1332 Construction Standards for Small Vessels.