Boating Atlantic 2019


Watching Whales and other Wildlife in the Atlantic Provinces

Fisheries and Oceans Canada is committed to the welfare of marine mammals, and as such would like to provide the public with the following whale watching tips for boaters to ensure you enjoy your wildlife encounter while reducing the risk of disturbing marine mammals.
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Atlantic Puffins

The Atlantic Puffin (fratercula arctica) is one of four species of puffins, but the only species that
lives in the North Atlantic. The puffin belongs to the family of birds called the auks, and related to the puffin are the dovekie, the murre, the guillemot, the razorbill, the auklet, the murrelet, and the nowextinct great auk. These birds are native to the northern hemisphere and are diving birds, which
use their wings to propel them underwater.
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Hidden Harbours: Yankee Cove to Louse Harbour on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia

The first such anchorage is Yankee Cove (also called Yankee Harbour) found opposite Whitehead between Harbour Island and the mainland. There is a dinghy passage usable on the high tide into The Basin if exploring is your thing. At one time there was a small community here and some ruins can still be found in the bushes at the north end of the harbour.
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