Boating Atlantic 2018

Small Craft Harbours

Small Craft Harbours (SCH) is a nationwide program of the Department of Fisheries and
Oceans. With the help of more than 5000 volunteers nationally, SCH operates and maintains a national
system of harbours to provide commercial fish harvesters and other harbour users with safe and
accessible facilities. The mandate of SCH is to keep the harbours that are critical to the fishing
industry open and in good repair. For the most part, Harbour Authorities are incorporated, not-for-profit organizations. They have a board of directors and members, who are representative of local interest groups and harbour users. Each Harbour Authority is a unique and independent business responsible for managing, operating and maintaining one or more public fishing harbours, through a lease agreement with Small Craft Harbours. Harbour Authorities are essential to the social and economic life of many communities in Canada that depend on local harbours. Harbour Authorities link people to nearby waters by keeping vital harbour facilities in good repair. Harbour Authorities are also key in representing the needs of its users at the community level and to various interested parties. For a list of Small Craft Harbours in the Atlantic Region visit