Boating Atlantic 2020

Charts and Cruising Guides

Charts and Publications

All vessels in Canadian waters must carry and use nautical charts and related publications pursuant to
the Canada Shipping Act, 2001, Charts and Nautical Publications Regulations, that are issued by, or on
the authority of, the Canadian Hydrographic Service. The Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS) has
information about available charts, digital charts, sailing directions, tides and water levels with links to Chart Dealers at Notices to Mariners provides you with the necessary information to update all of your charts and nautical publications. It will advise you of our new initiatives, services and also of some important announcements concerning the maritime community and can be viewed at

Cruising Guides

– Dobson Yacht Club maintains a cruising guide for Cape Breton at
– Pilot Press publishes guides for the Nova Scotia Coast and Newfoundland and Labrador. Updates can be found at

-A Cruising Guide to the Canadian Maritimes (Yacht Pilot)
-A Cruising Guide to the Down East Circle Route (Yacht Pilot)
-A Cruising Guide to the Bay of Fundy and the St. John River (Nicholas Tracy)
-Cruising Guide Notre Dame Bay, Newfoundland
-Harbours and Marinas of P.E.I.
-The Insiders’ Guide to Cruising to Cape Breton Island

St John River Society

Founded in 1992, the Society’s goal is to spread appreciation and wise use of the natural and
cultural resources of the St. John River and its watershed. Today, the
Society represents the entire river and offers programs to promote its sustainable use.
The Society also owns and maintains the following wharves along the St. John River. All of these
wharves are open for public use, including to recreational boaters:
1. Maugerville
2. Burton Courthouse-unusable
3. Colwell’s
4. Queenstown
5. Hampstead
6. McDonald’s-unusable
7. Public Landing
8. Wickham
9. Gerow’s
10. Bedford
11. White’s Bluff
12. Webster’s
For more information on the Society and its work, visit