Boating Atlantic 2019

Bring Your Boat 2019 information

Bringing your boat to cruise in Canada

Marine Reporting sites are listed here:

As owner/operator of the boat, it is your responsibility to report to the CBSA.
Contact the CBSA Telephone Reporting Centre (TRC) and request clearance to enter Canada.
Only the owner/operator may leave the boat to place the call to the TRC. Everyone else must
remain onboard until the CBSA gives authorization. Toll free: 1-888-226-7277
Report directly in-person at one of 10 Direct Reporting sites, which are CBSA staffed marine
ports of entry.

Making your report:
When you contact the TRC, you will be asked about your trip, passengers, and whether you have any goods to declare. You must collect the information from each passenger onboard and provide it to the TRC.

Pre-registration of travel information

To help ensure minimal wait times for private boat owners/operators reporting their entry into Canada
using the CBSA TRC, we recommend that you pre-register your personal and travel document
information in advance. You must provide thef ollowing information for each individual on the boat:
• Full legal name
• Date of birth
• Travel document number, type and expiry date
You can e-mail your information to

The CBSA will enter your information into their system within 24 hours of receipt. You must still use the regular reporting methods to report your entry. Whether you chose to pre-register or not, be sure to always have your travel documents on hand when you call the TRC to report entry into Canada.

Faster processing with the NEXUS program
The NEXUS program provides low-risk travellers the option to be pre-approved by both the CBSA and the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP).
Members can call the NEXUS marine reporting number up to four hours in advance of their arrival
in Canada for more convenient processing. They also have access to expedited security screening at major airports in Canada and the United States. Members benefit from expedited border clearance at land, air and marine ports of entry. The program is available by application only and the fee is $50 for five years. The NEXUS program is jointly administered by the CBSA and the CBP. For more information visit
The NEXUS telephone reporting line is: 866-399-5887